Our People

Salisbury is a centre of excellence with a one campus ethos and a reputation for best practice. This is achieved through our multi-disciplinary team of qualified professionals who are dedicated and passionate about our students' well-being and achievements.


Principal: Ellie Salcin-Watts

Email: ellie.salcin-watts@salisbury.school.nz

Senior Management Team

The Salisbury Senior Management Team comprises the Principal, Deputy Principal and three Student Support Managers.


Our People

We currently have a staffing entitlement of 7.5 full time registered teachers. We also have a team of experienced teacher aides in the school. Further specialist services are contracted through Ministry of Education Special Education for ORS funded students.

Staff who work in the residential (boarding) facility comprise:

  • Student Support Managers who supervise and provide leadership and direction to residential staff.
  • Student Support Facilitators who contribute to the development, co-ordination and implementation of Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for students.
  • Night Staff who monitor student well-being through out the night.

Salisbury provides quality counselling and all students' physical health needs are met by a student health coordinator.

To contact a member of our team, please visit our contact page.