Multi-million dollar rebuild plans announced

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Salisbury School is thrilled that plans for a multi-million dollar rebuild to replace our aged buildings has been announced.

On 13 November, Education Minister Hon Chris Hipkins and Associate Minister Hon Tracey Martin announced a construction budget of $8 million to replace the School’s out-dated classrooms and rundown residential accommodation that are no longer fit for purpose. The new school will have a reduced footprint on the current site.

The modern new school buildings will be specifically designed for what our extraordinary students need, given that their needs are more complex today compared to when our buildings were first built.

We are also pleased that staff will have the environment they need to deliver their teaching programmes. They have been unwavering in their amazing work with our students. Our previous Principal Brenda Ellis and current and previous Trustees also deserve special mention for their combined commitment to the school that has helped us get to this exciting point in time.

A cleverly designed school for our needs doesn’t require as much land as we currently use. We will still have the space necessary for our students and the ‘tranquillity’ expected of a residential special school, while having some land made available for other educational purposes. As an Enviro Green-Gold Award winning school, ensuring the school is sustainable and environmentally friendly will also be a key focus.

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While the new purpose-built facility is great news for the school and students, we’re conscious that parts of the school have been in operation for a century and have historic value. We will advocate for some of the buildings to be relocated where possible and will look to retain our ‘blessed’ native garden. A few trees are heritage listed, so they will also remain.

Our vision is for a school of 20 growing to at least 40 students in the future, given the known need for the specialist residential schooling we offer. We will work with the Ministry to ensure the master building plan is future-proofed for the growth envisioned in the next decade.

We have started to compile detailed information for the Ministry to inform the design and amendments to the enrolment process are currently being discussed with Ministers to enable the school to grow the roll to cater for demand.


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