Salisbury School provides programmes and care 24 hours a day 7 days a week. A place where students both live and learn.

While at Salisbury School each girl has her own individual learning programme based on an adapted curriculum and because the girls live at the school, programmes are able to run during the school day and cross over into after school, evenings and weekends, thereby providing the opportunity for 24/7 learning. All learning programmes are based on the key competencies in the National Curriculum, with a particular focus on reading, writing and mathematics, with the aim to better prepare the girls for independent or semi­-independent life beyond school. As well as academic, social and life skills programmes, a key focus for Salisbury staff is to teach the girls the skills required to successfully transition back to their mainstream school, into tertiary courses or into supported working environments, so they are better able  to cope with the challenges and demands of everyday life.

In the school and residences each student works to a individualised education programme (IEP). Each programme is set up after consultation and input from the student, their family, specialist teaching staff and other agencies. Progress is closely monitored and the programmes are regularly reviewed. Parents and whanau are always involved in decision making and goal setting.

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