While at Salisbury the students live on site in comfortable homely accommodation, either in an independent flat housing up to four students, or in Parker Cottage, each student having her own bedroom which she is encouraged to decorate to her own taste.

An onsite chef provides tasty, healthy and nutritious meals which are prepared to meet individual health needs and the students also run their own cafe during the week where they are able to practise food preparation, hygiene and service skills.  Regular family and whanau contact (phone calls, Skype, email, letters etc) is encouraged.

Our residential programmes run outside of school hours (evenings, night time & weekends) complimenting Salisbury's 24/7 living and learning philosophy. The residential programmes are designed to develop and enhance the social, leisure and life skill needs of our students thereby helping them to achieve their maximum potential. Individual student learning needs are identified and programmes are adapted to meet the students’ social and living skill learning goals. 

On a student’s entry to Salisbury information is sourced from the incoming documentation, parental data and an initial Living and Learning Assessment.  From this information staff identify areas that require assistance and these are transferred to the student’s IEP (Individual Education Plan) and SMART goals are designed.   Each individual student is assessed regularly on each area of the Living and Learning Assessment, and the results recorded so that progress can be monitored. At the end of each term the IEP is reviewed and the data that has been recorded from the assessment profiles is graphed to measure the progress of the student.

Each student works to an Individualised Education Programme (IEP). Each programme is setup after consultation and input from the student, their family, specialist teaching staff and other agencies. Progress is closely monitored and the programmes are regularly reviewed. Parents/whanau are always involved in any decision making and goal setting.

musicThe Living and Life Skills programme which Salisbury offers teaches the girls the skills needed to live independently or in a supported living environment. This includes tuition in money management, simple nutritional meal preparation, hygiene and self-care skills, as well as how to keep a flat clean and tidy and get on with the flatmates!

Salisbury enjoys a wonderful relationship with the local community and attendance and participation is warmly welcomed at local community events such as weekend sporting fixtures.

After school and weekend recreational activities include hip hop dance classes, karate tuition, swimming at the local heated pool (lessons are provided during the school day), first aid training with St Johns, 'wearable art' costume making, local library visits, kayaking, as well as the many and varied community based seasonal celebrations which Nelson enjoys, such as art festivals, fairs, open air movie evenings and many more. The Nelson region is also known for its beautiful beaches and the students regularly head to the beach for a cool swim in the early evening.