Salisbury’s Transition and Family Support Service manages transitions into and out of Salisbury School.

We build trusting relationships and engage with the student and their family in a professional capacity. This is a collaborative process in which the student always remains the central focus and together through the exchange of information we begin to build a clearer picture of what the next steps in this young person’s life will look like.

The key people in a student’s life have valuable insight and this informs the planning and documentation of a transition profile. 

The first step in an incoming transition occurs once we receive a referral for a new student. From this time onward a transition process which includes relationship building and information exchange, begins to unfold. In much the same way as a graduate student needs to be invested in their own long term learning beyond Salisbury, we aim to build students’ motivation through offering opportunities for learning success to occur, from the moment the student comes to our attention. It is our priority to establish a basis for trusting relationships, to meet with the family and the student in the home and in school settings and for all parties to develop an indepth understanding of the opportunities 24/7 residential education can offer.  We do this by:

  • Visit to student's home community to meet with family, school, Ministry of Education staff and other support services
  • The student and their family visit Salisbury School to see what Salisbury can offer
  • identifying the student's strengths and areas for further development so that we can encourage a sense of well-being and engagement once the student begins at Salisbury

On graduation from Salisbury School a transition plan and document is prepared for the leaving student to ensure a smooth and settled transition from Salisbury School to the next desired education setting which may consist of:

  • Transition back into a mainstream school setting
  • Attendance at  a course or tertiary education provider
  • Work experience or employment
  • Support of a community agency Taitoko Trust, CCS Disability Action, Workbridge, to further develop opportunities for supported living and learning options

In transitioning our leaving students, our overall goal is to ensure that learners are positively engaged, safe and supported in their homes, school environment and wider community. We aim to support families and schools in implementing positive and successful programmes which have been effective at Salisbury so that the gains made while in residential education can be generalized back into the local school and home environments.

Six months prior to graduating from Salisbury School, the transition process begins for our leaving students. The transition process consists of:

  • Ongoing consultation with leaving student and family to determine possible school placements or tertiary providers in home area
  • Ongoing contact made with all stakeholders to determine most appropriate placement for leaving student
  • Ongoing contact made to enrolling school/ course provider

A Transition Plan is completed and includes:

  • Functional analysis of behaviour
  • Positive behavour support plan and strategies
  • Work samples
  • Details of current classroom programme (routines, schedules, long term plans)
  • Assessment data
  • Examples of adapted curriculum
  • Incentive programmes (race tracks, tracking programmes)
  • Completed transition report detailing strengths, interests, dislikes, reinforcers, positive behaviour support, vulnerabilities etc.
  • Living and learning residential assessments
  • Current IEP document and latest school report
  • Contact person and other key staff from enrolling school invited to leavers final IEP conference
  • Information sharing with enrolling school staff and appropriate school programme established
  • Transition document passed on to enrolling school/ education provider
  • Follow up conference call once student has begun attending at new setting to ensure student is settled and engaged