Work Experience

Work Experience placements allow Salisbury Students to experience the world of work by offering opportunities both from within and outside of Salisbury School.

Work experience placements offer students the opportunity to enhance existing knowledge or to learn new skills in a job that that the student is interested in having a deeper understanding of. Any placement takes into account the learning goals and abilities of the student.   Work experience will be incorporated into IEP goals.

It is hoped that in addition to achieving curriculum based learning goals, the work experience itself will provide students with further opportunities to increase their confidence and independence and practice new social skills.

Students aged 14 and over who wish to enter into a work experience placement must have a work experience agreement completed and signed by all necessary parties prior to the commencement date.

The learning goals which must be curriculum based will be decided by the student in conjunction with the classroom teacher.  The student and classroom teacher will also decide how this will be assessed. 

As well as a weekly record of attendance and evaluation of work habits, a work experience report will be issued to the employer at the end of each term to assess achievement against the learning goals.